Battery free memory cards for all Neo Geo systems.

The NSM is a replacement memory card for Home and MVS systems.  The original SNK memory card carried 2k of battery backed-up ram, enough to hold roughly 20 game saves.  The SaveMasta contains 2 separate 16k banks of storage and NO BATTERY.



For those who do not know, Neo Geo memory cards have a few uses.  You can save the level you’re on,  like the final boss in a fighting game or last level in Metal Slug.  You can save your season data from Baseball Stars or your current hole in Neo Turf Masters.  With Universe Bios 3.1, you can now save your high score from your games on a memory card.  This is still in development, however.

The NSM has been tested on every original SNK Neo Geo MVS game available and will work with all original MVS and AES games.  I cannot guarantee that this card will work with Bootlegs or Multicarts.  There have been reports of some games on Multicarts having problems saving to memory cards.

Note: Please make sure the pins on your memory card slot are not bent, damaged or missing before using ANY memory card.

Black is the current color available. Shipping will begin Oct 3rd 2014 SOLD OUT


 US Orders are $35 shipped:

 International Orders are $40 shipped: