NeoBiosMasta CD

Add a Universe Bios to your Neo Geo CD systems easily!


Just like the original NeoBiosMasta, the CD version allows you to replace the stock CD bios with Razoola’s Universe Bios for NeoCD.  All you do is disable the stock surface mount bios, and solder one wire to the NBM.  The hardest part of this mod is keeping track of all the screws.  Seriously, there are a ton of screws on the NeoCD.  This model is for the Top Loading Neo CDs.

It is possible to install this on CDZ systems, but I DO NOT recommend it as you will have to leave the case off of the system or cut a hole in the case.  Front Loading NeoCDs do not need this adapter.  They already have a DIP bios that can be replaced easily.

Installation instructions are located here.  Please look the them prior to purchasing to make sure you are comfortable with this installation.

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